Innovative Ticketing Solutions

Adeline PinetJuly 18, 2019

As our world develops every day, Industry leaders are always looking for new and innovative ways to help improve the way we do things. These improvements help to make our lives easier, more organized and more efficient. With countless new technology being developed, especially in our field of Events & Entertainment, we are seeing these improvements even faster. 

Here at MedTech we harness these innovations and use them to help build solutions that benefit our clients and make it easier for them to organize and manage their events. Let’s look at 3 main ticketing solutions that will help you create an amazing customer-centric event while helping you collect vital event information to help you build out better events in the future.

RFID Scanner

1. RFID Technology

RFID is one of the most up and trending ticketing solutions in the festival industry right now. This solution is typically made up of 3 components that include:

  • Media (Wristband/Ticket)
  • Software
  • and Hardware

It allows organizers to track guests and enable cashless payment options. We work with some of the biggest and best names in the industry to help our festival organizers get top of the line hardware & software geared towards a variety of event sizes at the best prices. RFID is a great tool for events that see a large number of attendees or events that may span 3 or more days. This amazing ticketing solution aids in gathering valuable data on attendees which further helps organizers to procure profitable sponsors and creates better-improved festivals for their audience. Looking for something different? Check out these fun RFID wristbands.

barcode on credential pass


Our second solution is the barcode. This solution is a great fit for events, parties, festivals, concerts, camps, etc. Barcoding is a simple solution that includes printed bars and spaces that represent and identify your guests and help to track the guest flow, admissions and can even be connected to POS systems to allow for cashless payments. Here at MedTech, we have the ability to print barcodes on a variety of substrates including Tyvek, Soft Comfort, and Galaxy. For a superior quality print and barcode scan rate, we recommend our Revtek wristbands available upon request.

QR Code cashless spending


One of the simplest and common solutions on the market is the QR code. The QR code is a matrix barcode that easily links your attendee to the information you want to share like websites, contest pages, interactive maps, information about your event, activities, and specials that anyone at the event can use. The best part about this ticketing solution is that you don’t have to have a large event or attendee count to utilize it, It’s great for smaller venues like bars & nightclubs too. We offer a huge variety of wristbands that can be customized with QR codes most popular is our 1" Tyvek but many have chosen to work with our sister company GoEventus to showcase this solution on their custom race bibs and many have taken advantage of the complete QR cashless solution

We’ve listed a few of the ticketing solutions available here but as more and more become available we are excited to see how the event industry will continue to evolve.

Contact us for your next event, we’re happy to talk ticketing with you and help you take advantage of a solution that is going to benefit you most!