Custom Woven 0.59" X 13.7" Fabric Wristband

Pricing: $9.32 per 1

These completely customizable woven wristbands are extremely popular among music festivals and other events across the world. With the ability to customize these wristbands to feature both single and full colour (up to 6 colours) the possiblities are endless when it comes to creating the wristband thats best for your event. This woven wristband showcases a 13.7" length which makes it perfect for adult or larger wrists, but can also be used with children since the band can be easily adjusted to fit the wrist. Once the wristband is securely on the wrist it features a one time locking closure that helps to improve event security and prevent tamper and transfer. The band can only be removed by cutting it off the wrist. For an additional effect ask us how you can add glitter to really wow your guests.

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