3/4" Medical Emergency Wristbands

Pricing: $32.45 per 500

Free Underside Printing Available.

Medical Emergency Wristbands are colour coded for easier organization and identification.  

For tagging products & people in:

- Airports

- Governments 

- Hospitals and Treatment Centers

- Educational Facilities 

Our 3/4" Galaxy wristbands feature a 90% material composition which is naturally produced by the Earth. The band is composed of naturally occurring minerals and substances. Good composting in small quantities especially to neutralize acidic soils. Non-toxic and harmless to humans and the environment. 85% of the material contains a major component for biodegradable products. ASTM D06852. This product and its composition can also be recycled back into the natural environment from which it came.

View the correct way to tear apart our Galaxy Wristbands. Click on the video below.

1 to 1 days

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