Tyvek® 3/4" x 10" Seasons Greetings pattern wristbands

Pricing: $7.80 per 100 ,$22.04 per 500

HO HO HOLD the expensive ticketing solution for your next holiday event with these festive 3/4" Seasons Greetings Tyvek® wristband patterns. Available in classic green or red this pattern showcases joyful seasonal images like Santa hats, candy canes, Christmas trees, and jingle bells. With two colours to choose from you can easily use these wristbands to create a unique garland decoration that is affordable fun and easy for kids of all ages to assemble, use them as napkin holders around your table setting or go the traditional route and use these wristbands at your next holiday function as a great way to identify party guests.

A Tyvek® 3/4" X 10" Seasons Greetings Green wristband
A Tyvek® 3/4" X 10" Seasons Greetings Red wristband
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